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01 June 2008 @ 02:39 pm
[Resource Post]  
All of the people/sites/comms here are absolutely made of awesome and without them and their talents, I couldn't do what I do. So thanks. :]

If I'm crediting wrong or not crediting correctly, please don't hesitate to call me out. I'm kinda lazy sometimes, ha. I can find you specific pictures or textures if you ask as well. (If possible, of course.)

irinafan/cartonage's CSS guide for Flexible Squares. I would be completely useless without this.

hires_hotties: Pictures of actresses/girls.
hires_hunks: Pictures of actors/men in general.

Various Fandoms
Striped Wall. [Mostly Torchwood and Heroes.]

vicary_gaijin at dj_capslock.
edele also at ^.

John Krasinski
I honestly don't know where I get most of these. I'd say most of them came from various posts in the memories of john_krasinski. If you want singular credit for a picture you posted there, just ask.
Fantastic GQ scan here.
Lots from More Than That.
The askfjkjf Men's Health shoot here.
Some from the gallery at John Krasinski Web, but you have to sign up. ^^;

Maroon 5
Sweetest Goodbye.

Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis
I can pimp hires_hotties again.
And I find a lot of them all over the place. :[ Sorry.

The coffee in my header

Other Stuff
These are the communities I watch like a vulture. They rock.

So, I got a laptop and I decided to get new/different textures. All of the ones in blue were BEFORE I got my laptop and I may not use them any more, but they're still good.

neondistrict: Has a ton of self-made, fantastic stuff.
lookslikerain: The "distrust" set is amazing.
tove_91: Clouds set? Amazing.
I feel: accomplishedaccomplished